Amy RoseEdit

Amy Rose is twelve years old currently. She has a crazy crush on Sonic, who thinks she is kind of cute, but strange. She loves soft-serve ice cream and adventuring. Her survival hammer always appears when she needs it most, and it weighs over 9000 pounds, but Amy thinks it is simple to pick up.


Amy normally wears a red headband, white gloves with golden bangles, a red and pink dress, and red and white striped boots with a grey heel. In Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games, her dress was pink and her shoes were different. Striped arm cuffs replaced the gold bracelets. But in Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games, she was wearing a pink coat over her traditional dress.



  • Some DeviantArt members draw her and Sonic kissing, but that never happened.
  • Sonic has rescued her multiple times.
  • She shares a rivalry with Peach.

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